my mac and cheese is better than yours

If you do the cheese sauce from scratch, you are already good. I don’t measure so if you need measurements, try one or two other homemade mac & cheese recipes first so you’re somewhat familiar.

Nao, if you want to have a foodgasm - Start with about 1/4 stick of butter, no I’m not kidding, this is a recipe for your splurging days. Add milk - you know when there’s only a little bit of milk left, hardly enough to do anything with? This is what you do with it.

You want your shredded cheese to be half sharp cheddar, half pepperjack, depending on the bite you’re looking for. I prefer my mac and cheese gooey, so this will be gooey.

Flour. I’d say about a tablespoon. The right amount will make it kind of gritty, which is a fucking awesome texture if you don’t like to do breadcrumbs.

Tiny tiny bit of minced garlic, not even half a tablespoon. 

It might look ridiculous in there. Taste it. It’s not bursting with flavor until you add it to some good macaroni [whole wheat is perfect, so are bowties] but if you’re not a complete dolt you’ll know if it’s good.

Don’t cook this on high! Medium-low is best after you start adding cheese, and stir like the media tries to stir up shit with Jennifer Aniston & Angelina Jolie all the damn time. Stir hard. Rawrrr.

Pour that gooey, cheesy deliciousness over your beautiful macaroni and then come back to tell me how awesome I am.

Pictures will come when my brain cells recover from the stress of the day [which is why I made this, and I feel much better.]